Speeds up and anonymizes Internet connections
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Protects your identity by masking your real IP, keeps your privacy by encrypting the flux of data that's being transferred between the Internet and your PC and speeds up modem connections.

CPROXY is a program that combines many functions, each usually contained in a separate program. The program works as an anonymizer by routing all your connections through an external proxy, which will not reveal to your ISP what websites you are visiting. In addition, your IP address will be hidden - which means that the websites you are visiting will not be able to collect any private data about you or your location. The program also works as an Internet speeder by implementing different mechanisms, such as compressing the images you are viewing, caching your visited sites and optimizing the HTML source of these sites on the proxy side - enabling you to browse the web faster, save your bandwidth and decrease the money your costs in case of GPRS, 3G or any limited-traffic Internet subscriptions.

The program has the ability to block advertising banners of common sizes, and the ability to block flash multimedia contents. Moreover, the program offers the ability to set a parent proxy to exclude any local or remote IPs from. The program comes with English, Frensh, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Czech and Spanish interfaces.

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  • Speeds your Internet browsing
  • Hides your IP address
  • Block some formats of advertising
  • Saves your bandwidth consumption


  • Time-based subscription fees
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